Investing in Brazil

TAG Audio

TAG Audio is a leading brazilian company, with 20 years of experience in providing audio, vídeo and security solutions for any kind of demand.


• Structure: Own building with 1.000sqm with offices and Hugh ground level shop;
• People: Administrative staff and trained technicians;
• Credibility: Over 20 years of experience sourcing clients in audio, video, monitoring and technology equipment and services.


• Represent your company distributing, selling, promoting or even creating the ideal business plan, to your product or service;
• Assist your company in any business project through our structure;
• Find or develop the best selling channel to reach clients in all Brazilian territory;
• Handle and assist any business, in all Brazilian territory, regarding commercial, law, taxes and logistics. Indoor and outdoor sales, B2B and B2C.



Advantages of Investing in Brazil:

• Brazil is the biggest country in Latin America, with 8,5 million km2, 210 million habitants and makes border to 10 other economic relevant countries. It´s PIB (national income index) is R$ 6,8 trillions (2018). Mostly of this amount (70%) is concentrated in regions South and Southeast. These two regions also have the most modern universities of the country, where information of technology has its best brains!
• Investing in Brazil today is easier due many factors such as: new opening and liberal economic national plan going on, since January 2019; No need of visa for tourists, businessmen and investors when come to Brazil; Credit available for investment and law security for overseas investors;
• Exchange rate (1USD = 3,8BRL);
• Growing Market (specialist estimate that even 3% of the market is already covered, remaining 97% to explore considering Security systems).


Also about TAG

Our company is strategically situated in the State of Rio Grande do Sul (RS), 600 miles from São Paulo, 600 miles from Buenos Aires (Argentina) , 300 miles from Montevideo (Uruguay). Port locations are close as well: Rio Grande Port (100 miles) and Itajai Port (300 miles).






Main Staff of TAG:

André Grando

Founder and CEO

Renan Beltrame

Commercial, Sales and Marketing

Arno Scher

Financial and Administrative

Vinicius Ilha

Law and Legislation

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